Services KAAP Provides

Below are just some of the many services that KAAP provides to those in need within the community. With the recent acquisition of the former Sarah’s House, KAAP has greatly expanded our reach and services.


24 Hour Crisis Line


What We Do

This is a 24 Hour phone line dedicated to helping those in need of immediate help, but not yet dealing with an emergency situation. If there is an emergency situation, please dial 9-1-1 immediately!


National Domestic Violence Hotline


What They Do

Highly-trained advocates are available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence, seeking resources or information, or questioning issues in their relationship.


Emergency Shelter

We can provide emergency shelter in bad situations.

What We Do

When a situation is determined to be too dangerous for the person, and any children, we provide emergency shelters.


Residential Program

Our residential program helps relocate those that need a new beginning.

What We Do

When a situation is determined to be past resolution, our residential program helps to relocate the victim into a new, affordable location.


Outreach Program

The KAAP Outreach Program helps create awareness and identify needs in the community.

What We Do

KAAP executives and members interact within all aspects of the community to provide awareness and to help identify where specific needs are within the Kingman community.


Crisis Counseling

Ongoing counseling to help overcome a bad situation and start on the road to a new beginning.

What We Do

Ongoing counseling is essential to overcoming a bad situation. It is also important to the success of transitioning to a new beginning for victims of domestic violence and their families.



KAAP victim advocacy is for both personal and legal.

What We Do

KAAP will provide personal advocacy and legal advocacy. We make sure the process and transition to a new beginning are as smooth as possible.


Children’s Program

Our children's program is designed to help the children in a situation in every way possible.

What We Do

Children often do not understand what is happening or why. Our program is geared to helping the children understand and transition into a normal life as effectively as possible.

Other Services

KAAP has continued to provide many services to those affected by domestic violence in the community. KAAP’s acquisition of the former Sarah’s House has made it so more services will continue be added.

KAAP understands that people are not the only victims in a bad situation and strives to make sure family pets are also taken care and remain with the family.

KAAP facilities are all handicap accessible in order to provide the best services and facilities to everyone.

KAAP is equipped with TDD for the hearing impaired, and equipped with alternative assistance for the visually impaired. Making KAAP services available to everyone within the community is very important.

KAAP never charges fees for services. Donations made to KAAP from the community pay for services and facilities, so victims of domestic violence can concentrate on healing and starting a new beginning.

Let KAAP Help…

  • If you are a victim of domestic abuse.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We can help you and your family through the hardships of domestic violence and abuse.

  • If you know someone that is a victim of domestic abuse.

    Contact us and let us do what we specialize in to help the family and victims. It could be the most important call you make.

  • If you want to volunteer your time to help victims of domestic abuse.

    Contact us and let us know that you would like to help KAAP. Whether it be assisting with events and fundraisers, or if you specialize in counseling and advocacy, we are interested in hearing from you.